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Your Entire Home’s Speaker Volume in One Easy Location

Music is one thing that many people feel is soothing to the soul. The problem is, most of the time, we end up only listening to it in the living room or kitchen. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it in any room? Speaker selectors allow you to do just that. As a bonus, you can also have it turned up or down based on the activities in that area. The way it works is simple. You hook up a speaker selector, set different volume levels for the speakers in each area, and enjoy. Your patio speakers can be louder than the living room, the bedroom can be quieter than the kitchen, etc. You get to choose. Our best speaker selectors with volume controls will make it easy.

Our 3 Top Picks




Price for 1 minute

Price for 1 minute

Price for 1 minute

Price for 1 minute

Price for 1 minute

6 Zone Channel Speaker

6 Zone Channel Speaker from Pyle

6 Zone Channels

Good Frequency Response

Each Speaker Can Be Adjusted

Department - Electronics

Item Weight 1 pounds

2×5 Speaker Selector by TCC

2×5 Speaker Selector by TCC

12 gauge speaker

wire via gold plated

12AWG wires

Headphone Input

Item Weight 10.1 pounds

Monoprice 4-Channel Speaker 

Monoprice 4 Channel Speaker Selector

Color - Black

Simple Design

Long-Lasting Connectors

Will Not Overheat

Item Weight 0.16 pounds

Our Top Choices

1. Premium New and Improved 6 Zone Channel Speaker from Pyle

1. Premium New and Improved 6 Zone Channel Speaker from Pyle

This speaker selector, by Pyle, is a 6-zone channel speaker switch. It has a volume control switch box that allows you to use up to six separate speaker pairs. The only requirement is that they need to have wires that are smaller than 14 gauge. This volume controller can handle 100W per channel and has an impedance of 8 Ohms. It also has a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz. It is sized for smaller spaces at 16.92 x 3.03 x 6.29 inches and promises to keep your circuitry running smoothly.

Good Stuff

  • 6 Zone Channels
  • Good Frequency Response
  • Each Speaker Can Be Adjusted

Bad Stuff

  • Complicated to Hook Up
  • Impedance Issues

Conclusion: Overall, this volume control for multiple speakers seems like a solid choice. It allows you to independently adjust the volume in up to six different rooms. You can have one volume in your room, the living room, and on your patio. The downside is that it is a little complicated to hook up. The instructions are not laid out in a lot of detail or diagrams. This can pose a problem for some. Check out our complete guide about the best computer speakers.

2. OSD Audio 6-Zone Speaker Selector

2. OSD Audio 6 Zone Speaker Selector

The OSD Audio 6-Zone Speaker Selector manages 6 speakers and is fully equipped with impedance protection. This allows the speaker selector to safely and securely manage speakers, without risk of damage or overheating. Installation is easy, with connectors that fit any 14-gauge speaker cable, allowing for a quick and easy setup. Master switches on the front of the selector allow you to switch between sources with ease, with just the push of a button. It also features 300W dual-source volume control.

Good Stuff

  • Easy to Setup and Use
  • Dual Source Volume Control
  • Good Design

Bad Stuff

  • Not Good for Boosting Sound

Conclusion: If you’re looking for a speaker selector that can be set up with ease and look good in your home, this selector is worth looking into. The dual-source volume control makes this a very easy device to use. However, you should reconsider if you are wanting a boosted sound quality, as there are speaker selectors on the market that may be better. Read our latest guide about in-ceiling speakers.

3. Niles SSVC-6 Speaker Selector

3. Niles SSVC 6 Speaker Selector

The 6-speaker selector, by Niles, has 100 Watts per channel, with 54dB Maximum Attenuation. With hookups that can handle up to a 12-gauge cable, this selector will hook up to almost any speaker. The individual on/off switches make switching between your speakers easy, and it’s also simple to get it hooked up. The sound quality is good, and the volume controls allow you to adjust all your speakers to just the right volume.

Good Stuff

  • Good Sound Quality
  • Easy to Use and Set Up
  • Easy Controls

Bad Stuff

  • Touchy Volume Controls

Conclusion: As far as 6 speaker selectors go, this one seems to be a good choice. Especially if sound quality and ease of use are important factors to you. Getting this device set up and ready to go takes very little time. The volume controls can act up some, however, and may cause you to reconsider your selection. You can check out our guide for the computer speaker system.

4. Monoprice SSVC-6.1 New Speaker Selector Switch with Volume Controls for 6-Sets of Speakers

4. Monoprice SSVC 6.1 New Speaker Selector Switch with Volume Controls for 6 Sets of Speakers

The Monoprice speaker selector controls up to six speakers, giving each 100w of energy. The frequency response is between 45hz and 26khz, and it accepts up to 14-gauge wires. Using the on/off buttons, you can switch between speakers, or enable any combination of speakers. This device also supports up to two amplifiers with up to 100w of energy. You can be sure this device will run smoothly and safely, protecting your amplifier from problems such as low impedance when you have selected multiple speakers. The hookups for the wires are secure, yet easy to hook up.

Good Stuff

  • Secure Wire Ports
  • Use Any Combination of Speakers

Bad Stuff

  • No LED Lights to Show You Which Speaker is On

Conclusion: This speaker selector allows you to easily set up and use your speakers in any order or combination you may want. However, some find it annoying that the selector itself will not show you which speakers are on or off. If that is something you can be okay with this, though, is a great selector that is worth looking at more.

5. 2×5 Speaker Selector by TCC

5. 2%C3%975 Speaker Selector by TCC

The 2×5 speaker selector has 5 ports for speakers and can accommodate up to 12 gauge speaker cables. It uses 100w per speaker, with a 200w peak power for each channel. Each speaker can be controlled directly with the speaker switch using individual volume controls, allowing you to adjust the perfect balance for you. The selector safeguards your speakers and amplifiers with its built-in auto impedance correction, and it works with 4-16ohm speakers.

Good Stuff

  • Protects Speakers and Amplifiers
  • Individual Controls for Each Speaker
  • Works with Most Speakers

Bad Stuff

  • Low Volume Level

Conclusion: This speaker selector works to protect your system, while also allowing you to control which speakers are on and the volume of those speakers easily. Most speakers fit into this selector, so you won’t have to worry too much about whether they will hook up. But, if you typically listen using loud volumes, you may need to look at other speaker selectors before making your choice.

6. Theater Solutions Four Zone Dual Source Selector

6. Theater Solutions Four Zone Dual Source Selector

This four-zone, dual-source selector, by theater solutions connects to four speakers at 8ohm, each with its own full volume control. You can use one, all, or only some of the speakers at a time, allowing you to always find the perfect sound for you. The ports can hold 14-22-gauge wires, almost any speaker can be hooked in with ease. The box itself is 17 x 6 x 2.5 inches, so it will fit almost anywhere you need to put it, and the black steel housing and rubber feet make this selector an attractive device that will look great in any home.

Good Stuff

  • Attractive Design
  • Full Volume Control

Bad Stuff

  • Uses a Lot of Wiring

Conclusion: This design would look great in any home. With its full volume control and great volume quality, this device would also let you set up the sound the way you want to hear it. Almost all speakers can be hooked into this selector, and it will work great. The wiring can be a little tricky, and getting it hooked up may be difficult according to some. However, we feel that when it is hooked up and going, most people will love it.

7. Premium New and Improved 8 Zone Channel Speaker Switch by Pyle

7. Premium New and Improved 8 Zone Channel Speaker Switch by Pyle

The 8-zone channel speaker by Pyle can play 8 speakers at the same time. Or, if you’d rather, you can set it to play any number of those 8 speakers for the perfect sound. Each speaker runs at 100w per channel and has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. It will hook up speaker cables that are up to 14 gauge. It is easy to install and get running. The box itself is 12.8″ x 2.04″ x 6.12″, and it only weighs 3.37 lbs. This speaker selector for stereos has a minimum impedance of 8 Ohms. Protection circuitry can keep your devices safe and your selector running smoothly for all your media needs.

Good Stuff

  • Easy Setup
  • Protection for Devices
  • 8 Speaker Ports

Bad Stuff

  • Can Overheat

Conclusion: This speaker selector is easy to set up and use and will protect any speaker you hook up to it. The speaker ports will hook to up to eight cords and can be a great choice for anyone who needs several speakers hooked up at once. However, the device itself can overheat if used too long with too many cords, so if you need to use the speakers excessively or use a lot of them often, you may want to consider other options.

8. 4 Pair Speaker Selector Switch Switcher Volume Control by SPECIALTY-AV

8. 4 Pair Speaker Selector Switch Switcher Volume Control by SPECIALTY AV

This 2-Amp, 4-pair speaker selector, will allow you to hook the device to up to two stereos, or eight speakers. Volume control for each port allows you to have full control of your sound quality. The brass gold plated sockets will take a wire up to 12 gauge. Precision auto impedance will help to protect and correct your devices, allowing you to use them without worry. The selector runs for each port at 100w, with a 200w peak power. It hooks directly to your stereo or speaker. This product does not generate a lot of heat, so overheating is not something you have to worry about.

Good Stuff

  • Will Not Overheat
  • Protection for Your Devices

Bad Stuff

  • Faulty Controls

Conclusion: All in all, this speaker selector is a great device that will safely and securely run up to eight speakers at a time. This system will not overheat and will allow you to control each speaker to your desire. Some buyers have experienced the controls sticking after extended use. However, beyond that, this speaker selector will not only do its job but gives you the control you desire over your speakers.

9. 4 Zone Stereo Speaker Selector Switch by AVX Audio

10. Monoprice 4 Channel Speaker Selector 1

SAGA Audio has its own 4-zone stereo speaker that runs with 300w per channel and has impedance protection. It protects your speakers or amplifiers from damaging loads, like low impedance. The load to your amplifier will stay at 8 ohms, protecting your equipment. The box itself has dimensions of 8.5 x 4.37 x 2 inches. It can hook up with up to 14 gauge wires, using heavy-duty connections for a long-lasting and secure hold. The solid black color ensures that this device can fit in any room of your home, without standing out too much.

Good Stuff

  • Long-Lasting Connectors
  • Compatible with Wall Volume Controls

Bad Stuff

  • No Volume Control on Device

Conclusion: This product is a great choice for those who want to use their wall-mounted volume controls with a speaker selector. It will keep your devices secure. It boasts great sound quality. The connectors for the speaker cable are long-lasting and strong and are sure to hold for a long time. However, if your home does not have wall-mounted volume controls, you will have to get them. It does not have volume controls directly on the device.

10. Monoprice 4-Channel Speaker Selector

10. Monoprice 4 Channel Speaker Selector

The Monoprice four-channel speaker selector can distribute the sound of up to four speakers all throughout your home. The device can support up to 70w to each channel when you have turned on the protection circuit. If you have this protection circuit disabled, the product can support up to 140w per channel. With a simple, no-frills design, this speaker selector is great for anyone looking for an easy fix to their speaker needs. At only 2.51 lbs, it is lightweight and easy to set up and will have your speakers playing throughout your living space with great quality sound.

Good Stuff

  • Simple Design
  • Optional Protection Circuit Feature

Bad Stuff

  • Faulty Controls

Conclusion: This product is easy to manage a system that will run up to four speakers with great sound quality. It’s small and lightweight, allowing it to be put up almost anywhere for everyday use. The option to turn the protection circuit on and off gives you the ability to decide when you need more power going to your speakers. Though, some people have experienced difficulties with the controls on the device, saying they are hard to control.

Final Thoughts: Not all of our picks for the best speaker selectors with volume controls are going to be awesome for everyone. However, they are, in most ways, enjoyable for everyone that uses them. They also are not eyesores if you set them up near your music system. They simply allow you to do more with your speakers, whether you want to run one set or multiple.

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