Klipsch 7.1 Home Theater Speakers Review – Premiere Surround Sound

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Why Buy the Klipsch 7.1 Home Theater Speakers?

Klipsch 7.1 Home Theater Speakers: Klipsch is a company that was founded in 1946 by Paul Wilbur Klipsch. He is known to some as an American Hi-Fi pioneer. As of his death in 2002, he had gained 18 patents, almost all of which centered around loudspeaker development. His speakers promised high efficiency, max dynamic ranges, flat frequency responses, and dispersion control. All total, for nearly 70 he tried to perfect them and most feel he succeeded.

Let’s find out for ourselves as we explore what the Klipsch 7.1 home theater speakers are all about.

Klipsch 7.1 Home Theater Speakers


When you want a home cinema experience, you choose a brand you can trust. Klipsch 7.1 speakers promise to be everything you could want and much more. With more than 500 watts of total speaker power, these premiere 7.1 surround sound speakers certainly have the potential.

Our Klipsch 7.1 home theater speakers Review

As with most newer models from Klipsch, this speaker package uses a Tractrix Horn. This is a specifically shaped horn on the tweeters that can increase the efficiency of the 25-mm dome driver, providing more airflow in and out of the cabinet. What it means for you is a dynamic range of sound with a dispersion of 90 degrees in both horizontal and vertical planes so that you can hear it wherever you are. In short, it provides a cleaner, more powerful bass.

Style of these floor speakers

It is also impressive. We love the ebony encasings and gold accents. When you see them, there is no denying that they are Klipsch quality. The same is going to be true for all who walk into your house and see them.

With this set, you will get two-floor speakers. Each cabinet boasts two 5-1/4-inch woofers that promise to provide punchy lows and clear mids. The woofer is design with Cerametallic technology to provide a well-defined bass. They equip further with titanium voice coil formers. This gives a more linear movement and lowers distortion. A 1-inch tweeter provides crisp highs.

The floor speakers alone have a frequency response of 31-24kHz, an impedance of 8 ohms, and a sensitivity of 96-dB.

In the set, you will get a central speaker with several features of its own. It is a 1-inch linear travel suspension titanium tweeter, dual 5.25-inch spun copper Cerametallic Dome Woofers, and a 90 x 90 Hybrid Tractrix Horn. It promises to enhance the sound in every way, no matter what you are listening to. The center speaker has a frequency response of 67-24kHz and a sensitivity of 96dB at 2.83V.

The surround sound speakers

You will get four, which are also high-quality. They have a frequency response of 62-24kHz and a sensitivity of 93dB at 2.83V/1. These speakers also have dual 1-inch titanium LTS tweeters with a hybrid cross-section Tractrix Horn. They also feature 4-inch Cerametallic Cone Woofers, two on two sides of the box.

To finish out the set, you get a subwoofer with a 10-inch spun copper Cerametallic Woofer. It is an All-Digital amplifier that delivers 450 watts of dynamic power. It is compatible with most receivers, but can also be run without wires if you have the right setup.

In short, with this one set, you get everything you could need for a home entertainment area that you can enjoy being inside. It is an 8-piece set that also comes with wiring and other things that you may need to set it up properly.

Specs & Features

Speakers Maximum: 500 Watts
Item Weight: 271.17-Pounds
Frequency Response: 31-24kHz Floor Speakers, 67-24kHz Center Speakers, 93dB at 2.83V/1
Sensitivity: 96-dB, 96dB, 93dB
Subwoofer: Included

Pro & Cons


With this single set, you can set up your home theater any way you want it to be set up. Immersive sound will be all around you. Impressive music and movie sound quality thanks to each part having a Tractrix Horn. Clear and impressive bass with the included Cerametallic Dome Woofers. A subwoofer that connects easily to whatever your existing setup may be. It has a 10-inch Cerametallic woofer included as well. The entire set design for home theaters. Therefore, you can enjoy Blue-Ray disks to the fullest.


This set is not wireless. You would need to look at a different set of Klipsch 7.1 home theater speakers for that. This is a very heavy set. It ships in multiple boxes, but it is still quite a heavy set to move around and set up without help.

Conclusion: Our Klipsch 7.1 home theater speakers review has taught us a lot about this system, as a whole. It promises to deliver outstanding sound quality no matter what type of entertainment you want to enjoy. In our opinion and the opinion of many others, it meets or exceeds these expectations.

Final Thoughts

We are huge fans of how simple they are to set up. Once you figure out where the pieces and parts should go, setting it up is a breeze. This is because they disperse sound in every direction. Sounds can bounce off the walls and the ceiling to fully surround you, unlike older-style speakers that send sound out in a straight line.

We do feel that having help to set everything up the way you want it will be helpful. Not because they are difficult to set up, but because it may be nice to have the extra hands to run wires and ensure good placement of the speakers.

Overall, though, we, like others, cannot find anything wrong with this set. They are high quality and the result of many years of effort by Mr. Klipsch. We feel that he would be proud of all that his speakers can do. We certainly are.

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