Best Portable Blu Ray Players – Better Movie Experience

HD Blu Ray Is Only a Button Push Away with These Portable Blu Ray Players

We all enjoy watching awesome, clear movies. We would be storytelling if we tried to say that a movie theater experience didn’t appeal to us on some level. We went from VHS tapes to DVD players, looking for a better movie-watching experience. Then, we all decided to push the limits and try something more. The invention of Blu-Ray players was it. Now, we not only have them in our home, but we can have them on the road when we are traveling.

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SUNPIN Best Portable Blu Ray Players – Image from Amazon

If you are curious, as many people are, about why you may want to consider Blu Ray, the answer simple. It is an HD video player that can do more than play a disk. For one and the most important, Blu-Ray players can play any DVD or other multi-media formats. With an old DVD player, you cannot do this.

Beyond that, these devices allow you to stream content between devices and more. Thanks to the fact that they are also portable, you can take them anywhere. In short, you lose nothing by giving Blu-Ray a try.

You can start by taking a look at our pick for 10 of the best portable Blu-Ray players. They all offer the features that people want most in a player. We think that they will be a good fit for most people. If nothing else, we hope that you enjoy getting an idea of what is available to you.

Our Favorite Portable Blu Ray Players

1. SUNPIN Portable DVD Player 17.9″ with Large HD Swivel Screen


The SUNPIN DVD player has a 15.6-inch 1280 x 800 HD screen to ensure an outstanding viewing experience for you or your family. The picture is backed up by built-in dual stereo speakers that promise great sound no matter what CD or DVD format you are using. It can also read from USB and SD cards, making it great for VOB, AVI, MPEG1, and more.

This is a great option for kids on a long road trip. It is available in three fun color options and promises to be simple to use. It can also be used outside your vehicle. It has a six-hour battery life, a car charger, and an AC power adaptor to ensure it goes where you need it to go. Controlling it is also easy with the remote or on the player buttons. You can even connect this to a larger TV with the included AV cable to further extend your viewing options.

Overall, we feel this is a solid choice. We like that it plays multiple formats and can even connect to a larger-screened television. We enjoy that it can have a battery life, no matter where you are watching it. The colors of the screen are impressive and clear. In our opinion, it is worth looking at.

Simple to Use
Good Sound
Nice Picture Quality
Good Support

Disk Errors Possible


SUNPIN PD151 15.4″ Swivel Screen Portable DVD player

2. NAVISKAUTO 14″ Portable Blu-Ray DVD Player

NAVISKAUTO 14" Portable Blu-Ray DVD Player

The NAVISKAUTO portable Blu-Ray player has an impressive 1080p screen. It’s designed for disk region A and while attached to your vehicle’s headrest. It measures 13.7 x 9.6 x 2-inches. The weight is 5.07-pounds

It has a battery that can last up to 3-hours on a single charge. You can use it with car chargers, wall chargers, or connected to your vehicle battery. You also have the option to use your car’s speakers for the sound.
It has many good features. They include Dolby digital sound, HDMI output, and HDMI inputs. It also can play a variety of multi-media content that’s stored on USB or SD cards.

Conclusion: This Blu-Ray player is good. Most people love that they have it. However, there is some feeling that the video quality is lacking. To see it, you have to be in front of it. This could be an issue for kids in the car with you.

HD Video
HDMI Input and Output
Uses Many Formats
Movies Resume Automatically
Easy to Use

Picture Quality

3. BOIFUN Portable DVD Player with Large HD Screen


This Portable DVD player has an impressive 1280 x 800 HD swivel screen. This quality can reduce fatigue from viewing it for too long. The screen is rotatable and flappable so that you can watch it from any direction. It can also support multiple movie formats including CD, DVD, DVD+R, and more. You can also share movies with it via a USB and an SD card. All sounds will come out from dual speakers.

Boifun wants you to enjoy this DVD player. Therefore, it has a 5,000mAh battery capacity, giving you up to six hours on a single charge. If the charge runs out, you can watch using an AC adapter or car charger. It is very simple to use and will make a great option for long road trips with kids. While driving, you do not have to worry about what is on the DVD player or hitting that pothole. It has anti-shock features that protect your disk from possible shaking interruptions.

This DVD player seems like a nice option for long trips and more. We are happy that it is a versatile player that will let you connect in multiple ways. We think it is great that it can work with AVI, MP3, and more. The simple function buttons and the slide to the open player will be easy enough to control for most kids. Our hope is that you are as impressed by its HD quality as we are.

Nice Screen
Easy to Use
Good Picture Quality

Volume Lacking

4. NAVISKAUTO 10.1″ Blu Ray Dual Car DVD Players

NAVISKAUTO 10.1" Blu Ray Dual Car DVD Players

Needing two screens for a Blu-Ray movie is easy with this dual player. They’re designed for use in the A region and do not support 2K, 4K, or 3D Blu. The dual-screen allows you to play the same movie on dual screens. You can use either battery power, car chargers, or wall adapters. Imagine buying a movie for your kids and letting them watch it on their way home from the store!

This set can sync up to 1080P video to your home TV or other devices. It also has a built-in USB and SD card slot for other needs that you may have. You can set the monitors close together or have your kids separated by a little space to watch. You get to choose.

Conclusion: For some reason, the straps that hold the players to the headrests are not very dependable. They are difficult to use and may even break. This may pose a problem if you have kids that may pull on them. However, they are solid playing DVD players, so you have to decide if it is worth it.

Good Screen Quality
Easy to use
Separate Volume Controls
Hooks to Headrests

Straps on Headrest Are Problematic

5. NAVISKAUTO 10.1″ Portable Blu Ray Player

NAVISKAUTO 10.1" Portable Blu Ray Player

This DVD player is designed to play Blu Ray disks or DVDs. It is ideal for road trips and anywhere that you may be sitting for a while. It has a battery inside that can hold a charge for about 3-hours. It can also be charged with wall outlets and car chargers.

You can watch DVDs without region restrictions. Blu-Ray discs region A. You can also use USB drives, SD, and MMC that are up to 128GB. An HDMI output means that you can also connect it to other digital devices. This unit measures 10.6 x 1.6 x 7.9-inches and weighs in at 4.21-pounds.

Conclusion: Overall, this DVD and Blu-Ray player seems to work quite well. Most people appreciate the way it looks and sounds. However, it is perhaps a problem if you want to use it for a DVD player. Some people may not like leaving the small screen turned on when connected through HDMI cables.

Battery Life
Screen Quality
Good Sound Quality
Easy to Use

Cannot Turn Off Screen When Connected to HDMI

6. Azend Group Corp Maxmade

Azend Group Corp BDP-M1061 Maxmade Portable 10-Inch Blu-Ray DISC/DVD Player

You can watch your favorite movies or videos while on the go with this Blu-Ray/DVD player. It has a wide swivel screen and a 1080P high-resolution screen. This enhances your viewing experience. If you want, you can also connect via a LAN port for even more content viewing joy.

The 3-in-1 card reader can run from a USB drive as well as SD/MMC ports. No matter how you choose to watch, you can enjoy movies without a wire for up to 4.5-hours. When not in use, it folds flat like a tablet and can be stored in its very own carrying case. It measures in at 10.2 x 8.1 x 1.6-inches and is very lightweight at only 3-pounds.

Conclusion: Most people do not have any complaints with this Blu-Ray player. The exception is the remote control. It is somewhat difficult to use and may be best left alone. For some people, this is not a reason to avoid it, but for others, it could make all the difference.

10.1-in Screen
Long Battery Life
Good Sound Quality
Nice Picture Quality

Remote Control Is Unimpressive


NAVISKAUTO 12 inch Portable Blu Ray DVD Player

When battery life is important, you may want to choose this portable Blu-Ray/DVD player. It has a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 5-hours when playing DVDs and 3-hours as a Blu-Ray player. You can connect it to home or car speakers for an awesome surround sound effect wherever you watch it most.

This Blu-Ray player can sync with other digital devices that are up to 1080P. It is compatible with most media formats. It weighs only 4.69-pounds and measures 15.7 x 3.4 x 9.8-inches, which makes it possible to take this with you wherever you go.

Conclusion: Overall, we cannot say enough good things about this Blu-Ray player. We like that it is backed by a great customer service department and that it has a great picture/sound quality. If you have kids that may not want a battery to die on them, though, you may want the battery indicator.

Picture Quality
Easy to Use
Hooks Up Easily
Battery Life
Sound Quality
Great Customer Service

No Low-Battery Warning

8. SYLVANIA 11.4-Inch

SYLVANIA 11.4-Inch Portable Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, USB, SD Multi Media Player

This single unit plays virtually all multi-media content in HD. It is an 11.4-inch portable 1920*1080P player that promises an enhanced audio/visual experience. You can also use it to sync videos at a speed of up to 30fps to other devices.

It is compact at only 4.19-pounds and measures 5 x 4 x 5-inches. It has protection for your DVDs and Blu-Ray disks so that you can avoid potential damage as well. This includes anti-shock, which ensures that bumps in the road will not cause skips.

Conclusion: Overall, this is a solid choice for anyone who wants a portable Blu-Ray/DVD player. It can do virtually anything you want it to do. The speakers may be a little low, but that is not uncommon for some of these players.

720P Display
Battery Life About 5hrs.
Easy to Use

Not Loud Enough for Some

9. Sony BDPSX910 Sony Portable Blu Ray Players

Sony BDPSX910 Sony Portable Blu-ray Player

This Sony player is admittedly an older model, but this does not diminish its quality. It has a 9-inch widescreen LCD. It can swivel and flip to ensure you can always see the screen easily.

The battery on one charge can last up to 4.5-hours. You can recharge on the car adaptor or AC adaptors. When watching, you can enjoy movies, and much more. You get a remote control with this player, but it also has buttons you can use to control it without a remote. You can also hook it through HDMI cables.

Conclusion: Even the people who have a few complaints about this portable player still end up saying that it is one of the best. They like the quality of its video screen, the way it sounds, and more. But if you do not mind fingerprints or short power cords, you may want to at least consider this as a viable option.

Long Battery
Good Picture
Good Sound
Very Lightweight/Portable

It Fingerprints Easily
Short Power Cords

10. Maxmade BDPM1301 13.3 Portable Blu Ray Players

Maxmade BDPM1301 13.3 Portable Blu-ray/DVD Disc Player

When you want a straightforward Blu-Ray DVD player, this one is it for many people. It has a wide swivel screen with 1080P resolution. It can connect to BD live for additional content and features using its LAN port. When you are finished watching, you can fold it flat the same way you would a tablet or a laptop.

If you want to view disks at home, but want a larger screen, you can connect it through HDMI output. On a single charge, it can play up to 3.5-hours, with Blu-Ray being less. It measures 14.3 x 1.6 x 10.6-inches and weighs in at 5-pounds.

Conclusion: One complaint is that there are some features missing from this player. The main one being “slow-motion”. Navigation is also a bit tricky for some people. Overall, though, it does not seem like a bad player and most people will be glad they have it with them if they are on a road trip.

Picture Quality
Good Sound
Good Screen Size

Lacks Some Features

Final Thoughts:

As you can see, each of these Blu-Ray players is good according to the people who own them. They are worth considering if you want to upgrade your movie-watching experience. Most have a solid video performance. We like that they have remote controls for easy use. Without the remote, most can be controlled on the base. We enjoy that they can be connected to your home TV and other devices. The fact that they can play music, read SD cards, and do all the other things that we use in today’s world, makes it nice. Also, they are the one device that can do anything, and you have the option to take it with you.

NAVISKAUTO Blu Ray Dual Car DVD Players
NAVISKAUTO 10.1″ Blu Ray Dual Car DVD Players – Image from Amazon

Where would you use a portable Blu-Ray player? These devices weigh generally 5-pounds or less. This means that you can take them with you anywhere. Watch a movie in the park, watch videos, and view photographs of your day at the beach while still there. It is all possible. You can use these devices in your car when you are traveling a long distance to entertain your kids. They go where you go. When you are done going, you can store them easily anywhere. Simply fold them and they will be ready when you are.

We have done the hard part. We narrowed down the list of the best portable Blu Ray players. Now you have to think about which one meets your needs the most. But you do not have to choose one of our picks, but they should give you a good idea of what to look for in choosing the right one.