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Record and Be Heard Clearly!

Gaming with friends is a lot of fun. Especially when you can all team up together to take down the bad guys! However, to be an efficient team, you need to be able to communicate clearly with one another. That is where these best gaming microphones come in! With any one of these devices, you’ll be able to be heard clearly.

With one of these great microphones, you’re sure to have an outstanding gaming experience every time you play. We have compiled a list of amazing devices, and as you look through them, you’re sure to find one that’s great for you and your gaming needs.

Razer Seiren X Cover Photo

Razer Seiren X – Best Gaming Microphones

Our 3 Top Picks




Price for 1 minute

Price for 1 minute

Price for 1 minute

Price for 1 minute

Price for 1 minute

Fifine’s PC USB Microphones

Fifines PC USB Microphones


Color - Silver

Material - Metal

Great Sound Quality

Item Weight 890 Grams

USB Gaming Microphone by Fifine

USB Gaming Microphone by Fifine

Brand - FIFINE

Color - Black

Material - Metal

Good Quality Sound

Item Weight 400 Grams

Razer Seiren X Microphone

Razer Seiren X Microphone

Brand - Razer

Color Classic Black

Material - Aluminum

Echo Protection

Item Weight 383 Grams

List of the Best Gaming Microphones

1. The Razer Seiren X USB Streaming Microphone

This gaming microphone promises to cancel the noise around you, so you can be heard clearly over the line. A built-in shock mount protects against vibrations caused by bumps, for smooth audio every time. As a condenser microphone, this device can pick up different levels of sound quickly and easily.

There is no echo as you speak into the microphone, because of the zero-latency monitoring. Yet with all of this included, the microphone is built to be discreet, portable, and smaller than other USB mics. This is a great microphone for anyone looking for a simple to use, yet effective device.

Good Stuff

  • Echo Protection
  • Background Noise Reduction
  • Built in Shock Mount

Bad Stuff

  • Audio Quality Only Okay

Conclusion: We think this microphone is a great choice if you’re looking for ease of use and discretion. It protects against background noise, bumps, and echoes, giving you an ultra-clear sound whenever you use it. The non-obstructive, sleek design of the device looks amazing on almost any desk, so you’re sure to be happy with the way the microphone looks with the rest of your set up. This Razer Seiren X its way up to our best gaming microphones list.

Razer Seiren X | Now You’re Talking

2. Tonor’s Condenser PC Gaming Mic with Tripod Stand and Pop Filter

This easy-to-set-up microphone is great for anyone wanting to set up and play in a snap. No assembly is needed, just unfold the three legs of the stand, and adjust the pop filter to where you want it. Then just plug it in and play! There’s no software required for the microphone to work, just plug it in and your device will begin using it.

Using a cardioid pickup pattern, this mic will pick up the sounds coming from directly in front of it, while suppressing the background noise around you. This mic promises great sound quality, using the pop filter to help you sound as crisp and clear as possible. You are sure to sound clear, no matter what kind of device you’re using. So we picked them up to be on our best gaming microphones list.

Good Stuff

  • Clear Sound
  • Easy to Use
  • Plug and Play

Bad Stuff

  • No Off/On Switch

Conclusion: This easy to set up mic is a great buy for those who want both ease of use and great quality. Just unfold, plugin, and go. Reviewers state that this device works just as well as other mics that run a lot more expensive. So, when it comes to being able to have great quality at a great price, this is a great microphone to look into.

World’s Best Mic Under $50 – TONOR TC-777 USB Condenser Microphone

3. USB Gaming Microphone by Fifine

This USB Microphone has a 5.9-foot cable, so you never have to worry about the cord being too short to reach where you need it to. It’s easy to set up and install, so even first-time use is a breeze. The solid construction of both the mic and it’s stand ensures durability as you use it, and the mic itself is built to give great sound quality.

The mic is sensitive enough to make sure every word is heard as you play your favorite game, yet it still manages to block out the background noise that could get in the way of your voice. Buyers of this mic say that it works just as well, if not better as some of the other more expensive mics on the market. This sharp, professional-looking microphone has tons of raving reviews.

Good Stuff

  • Good Quality Sound
  • Durable
  • Blocks Background Noise

Bad Stuff

  • USB Plug is Loose

Conclusion: This is a durable, great-looking microphone that is sure to fit your needs. It promises to give you great sound quality and performance the next time you play your games. You can be sure the mic will pick up your voice clearly enough for you to be heard, yet still not allow background noise to get in the way of the sound. This is a great microphone for gaming, making music, live streaming, or anything else you may need it for!

4. Sudotack’s USB Streaming Podcast PC Gaming Microphone

This microphone promises to pick up sound crisp and clear. It uses an anti-wind foam cap to prevent your breath from making noise as you speak, and a pop filter to help keep excess background noise from your recordings. The mic is easy to set up and use, just plug it in and start playing!

Users who have purchased this device swear by the quality of sound it can provide. It comes with everything you need to make a great sound, whether you’re playing games with friends or recording music. This mic can do it all, and is built to impress!

Good Stuff

  • Blocks Background Noise
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Easy Set Up

Bad Stuff

  • Slight Crackling Noise

Conclusion: This microphone is a great choice for anyone from your casual gamer to your full-time streamer. It promises great sound quality, ease of use, and protection from excess background noise. We think this mic would be a great addition to almost any setup.

5. IKEDON USB Condenser Gaming Microphone

This microphone is equipped with everything you need to make a professional-sounding recording with ease. A cardioid pickup pattern records only what is right in front of it, blocking the background noise from interfering with your sound. A high-resolution sampling rate also ensures only the best sound quality.

This mic also comes with a pop filter and windshield to block any noise you may not want in your recording. A steel arm holding the mic up is adjustable and discreet, giving your computer setup a sleek, professional look. Easy to set up, just use the adjustable clamp to keep the mic mounted firmly on the edge of your desk.

Good Stuff

  • Sleek Design
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Easy Set Up

Bad Stuff

  • Not Compatible with XBOX

Conclusion: This microphone is easy to both set up and takedown as you need to. The arm holding it up is adjustable, so it can be bent to fit with any setup. We think this is a great microphone that promises everything you need to have only the best sound quality. This mic is worth looking at for anyone who wants an easy-to-use, professional microphone.

6. The USB Gaming Microphone Kit by Piy Painting

If you’re looking for a microphone that’s easy to set up, this one promises easy assembly in under ten minutes. Just take it out of the box, attach it to your desk, and plug it in. You’ll be ready to record or play your favorite game quickly. This mic uses cardioid pickup patterns, along with a pop filter to ensure clear sound quality, free of any annoying extra noise.

You’ll never have to worry about your microphone structure falling over mid-game because it will be mounted to your desk or surface using a reinforced C-clamp that is sure to hold up. The boom arm holding everything up is completely adjustable, but can then be tightened into place using tensioning knobs. Everyone can fit this device to their specifications easily, and then tighten the structure to make sure the mic stays the way you want it.

Good Stuff

  • Sturdy Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Compatible with Most Devices

Bad Stuff

  • Doesn’t Look Great

Conclusion: This mic can be moved and bent wherever you need it, so we think it would be comfortable to use for everyone. With a pop filter and a great sound pickup, this microphone gives great quality sound every time it is used. This is a great microphone for anyone who needs ease and comfort when using it, and the sound quality of a professional level as well. It works with most devices without an adapter, so all you have to do is a plugin and play!

7. Maono’s USB Gaming Microphone Kit 192KHZ/24BIT

Maono’s USB Gaming Microphone Kit 192KHZ/24BIT

This microphone was built with a professional-grade sound chip in it, so the sound is guaranteed to be high resolution whenever you use it. The extended frequency response is great at picking up talking, singing, instruments, anything you need it to pick up. It will then cancel out the background noise to give you the best quality sound possible.

The microphone uses a USB 2.0 data port, allowing it to can connect most devices safely and securely. You will have no trouble at all plugging this in and beginning to use this for your next singing or gaming session. A sturdy boom arm will help hold the product into place as you use it, preventing your mic from falling at inopportune times.

Good Stuff

  • Sturdy Set Up
  • Easy to Plug-In
  • Great Sound Quality

Bad Stuff

  • Sound Can Be Quiet

Conclusion: This simple, easy to use microphone exceeds expectations. Easy to set up and use, you’ll never have to fight to be heard again. Reviewers of this microphone state that the sound quality is almost that of a professional level setup, so we think this mic is worth looking at as your next purchase.

8. USB Gaming Condenser Microphone by XIIVIO

This microphone can pick up a high-quality, smooth capture of sounds. It has a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz. This makes it a great microphone to use if you’re singing and playing an instrument, or even if you’re just speaking. It blocks out enough of the background noise that you can be heard clearly over the hum of everyday life surrounding you.

The accessories you get with the microphone will give you everything you need for a great experience. A three-legged base that holds the mic up for you will also fold up easily for convenient travel or storage when needed. It even swivels 360 degrees, so you can place it anywhere you need it, easily at any time. A double pop filter ensures your recording won’t have to much ambient noise around what you truly wanted to record.

Good Stuff

  • Small, Convenient Size
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Great Accessories

Bad Stuff

  • Can’t Cancel All Background Noise

Conclusion: This microphone has a smaller set-up, which makes it great for those of us that already have a pile on our desk. With the accessories it comes with, you’re sure to have everything you need to get started recording quickly. You’re sure to be able to get professional-sounding quality out of this mic. We think it’s a great buy for anyone needing a small setup with large quality!

9. Movo UM700 Desktop USB Best Gaming Microphones

This mic has different settings for different occasions. One setting is for realistic sound, allowing you to record your voice clearly. You can also set it to Cardioid, for when you need to block out that extra background noise. The omnidirectional setting allows you to record 360-degree audio, and the bi-directional option allows for front and rear pickup.

Not only do you have all these options on how you record, each one offers you great sound quality. All you have to do to get started is plug it in, choose a setting, and start recording or playing. This microphone is great for any user, from the singer to the gamer, and anyone else in between.

Good Stuff

  • Different Settings
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Small Size

Bad Stuff

  • Some Have Faulty Cords

Conclusion: This product is small but versatile. You are promised great quality every time you use it. This product is great for anyone who wants a small and easy to use tool that gives professional sounding quality every time it is turned on.

10. Fifine’s PC USB Best Gaming Microphones

This microphone was designed specifically for the needs of a PC user. It features a small portable design with a sleek look that will fit almost any desktop. The stand is easy to assemble, with a height you can set to your own standards. The device comes with a headphone jack, allowing you to listen to what you’re recording as you’re recording it, so you can always be sure you’re picking up the sound you want.

This device is great at picking up high-quality sound with ease, and can be used for almost any reason, be it gaming, streaming, or just recording. It also works great for online calls. The quality of the material of the mic is great, it truly looks like a top-grade expensive piece of equipment, even though it’s not. Buyers of this product continue to be stunned by the quality of this microphone.

Good Stuff

  • Great Sound Quality
  • Portable
  • Easy Set Up

Bad Stuff

  • PC Use Only

Conclusion: This product is great for any PC user wanting to record good quality sound. You’re sure to get exactly what you’re looking for with this microphone. It’s simple, easy to use, yet still gives high-grade, professional-sounding results every time.

Final Thoughts For The Best Gaming Microphones

Any of these microphones would be great for anyone looking for a great-quality sound. They each have a way to reduce background noise, making sure you and what you want to hear are the focus of any audience you may have, They’re easy to set up, and most of them are easily portable, to take with you on the go. This list of the top 10 best gaming microphones of 2020 is sure to help everyone find the device that is best suited to their needs.

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